Four Color 1165Dell published comics from 1929 to 1973, specializing in franchise properties. Their anthology title Crackajack, had previously featured Ellery Queen back in 1940 and 1941. Perhaps their most famous comic was Four Color, whicFour Color 1243h lasted from 1939 to 1962, publishing several issues a month. Each stand-alone issue of Four Color featured a new or popular animated character, or the adaptation of a current children’s movie. Three issues (#1165, #1243, #1289) from 1961-1962 featured Ellery Queen, Detective.

I’ve read these stories so you don’t have to: don’t bother.

However, a few years later, the parody comic The Inferior 5, published by DC, featured a satirical look at Ellery Queen in their seventh issue, excerpts included here with no further comment:

Inferior 5 7














Inferior 5 7 page 8

Inferior 5 7 page 9

___________________________A few pages later…________________________

Inferior 5 7 page 17

Inferior 5 7 page 18













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