This blog is written by Jon Mathewson, married with two kids museum curator by day, poet by night, beekeeper on the weekends. So, how do I find time to keep up this blog? That’s a darn good question, a mystery even Ellery Queen would have difficulty answering!

11 thoughts on “Whose Blog?

  1. Jon, too bad we’re not neighbors. We’re the same age, we both graduated from Encyclopedia Brown to Ellery Queen at the same time … three points to make.

    1. Missing from your web-site write-ups is the collection “The Adventure of the Murdered Moths and Other Radio Mysteries” by Ellery Queen, published in 2005 by Crippen & Landru. All the scripts in the book were written by Dannay and Lee themselves and aired over the radio in the 1939/1940 season.

    2. I publish a thrice-yearly journal devoted to older detective fiction. It is called “(Give Me That) Old-Time Detection” or usually just “Old-Time Detection.” I would like to mail you a sample issue for FREE but since it’s a print-only publication I would need your real (land, not electronic) address. I have produced a few issues that include “lost” stories starring Ellery Queen (prose adaptations, not by Dannay and Lee, but adapted from the radio scripts written by Dannay and Lee), and of course what I send you would be one of those issues.

    3. At some point in 2018, Perfect Crime Books (based in Baltimore) will be publishing “The Misadventures of Ellery Queen,” an anthology of stories not by Queen but all of them somehow Queen-related.

  2. FYI, Jon, Wildside will be publishing THE FURTHER MISADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN, again edited by Dale Andrews and me, in the spring of 2020. This volume includes additional stories by some of the authors who were in the first book, plus the “Mallory King” chapter of Marion Mainwaring’s MURDER IN PASTICHE, a never-before-published-in-English pastiche by a Chinese author, a fun piece by Manfred B. Lee’s son Rand, brand-new stories by EQMM editor Janet Hutchings and Crippen & Landru publisher Jeffrey Marks, and more!

  3. in the Triangle books copy of the Egyptian Cross Mystery, there is a footnote on page 326, referencing a supplement which was available in the Greek Coffin Mystery entitled “How to read the Queen stories.” I can not find a reference to this booklet anywhere online. Did this ever exist? Or was it a phony footnote a la some of the ones in the Philo Vance stories.

    • Kevin: I have the pamphlet which you refer to. It was a gift from Rand Lee, son of Manfred Lee, and was Manfred’s personal copy. It’s a little essay on four pages, printed on very fragile newsprint paper. So it does exist

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