Ziff Davis 1

In 1952, Ziff Davis published two comic books featuring Ellery Queen. The covers sported paintings reminiscent of the pulp magazines, but the interiors were basic comic-style of the day.

Ziff Davis was a publisher of pulps, most famously Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures. The company broadened their scope in the early 50s with a brief foray into comic book publishing, with Superman co-ceator Joe Siegel as art director. They

published several genres of comics, including detective, horror, western, jungle and romance. Most of the comics had been cancelled by 1953. The company is still going strong today, due to its ability to continually remake itself.

The comics can be read here.Ziff Davis 2

One thought on “Ellery Queen (Ziff Davis) 1952

  1. Thank you for this blog. I have read every one of these works, listened to (and read transcripts of) as many radio broadcasts as I can get a hold of, and am exploring quasi-Ellery Queen material, such as the comics, so the link to the digital comic museum was very helpful

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