Right on the heelsCalendar of Crime 1 of the back-to school September story comes the Halloween story. Like the story before it, the mystery is staged for Ellery’s benefit. Or is it?

Ellery and Nikki go to a murder mystery dinner, sponsored by “The Charmed Circle of Black Cats,” dressed in cat costumes only to find that a real murder has occurred right under their whiskers. Ellery’s excuse, at least, is that he fell asleep during the event. And, oh, how I wish I had slept through this one!

One thought on “The Adventure of the Dead Cat (1946)

  1. This is one of the few EQs where I guessed the solution, even using some of the same reasoning as Ellery does, and so I’m rather fond of it. Plus, it’s quite funny when Ellery is grimly sure that someone at the party will suggest a Murder game, because he’s a guest, and so it happens. I can imagine his social life would be very much like that.

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